Lack of Forest Preserve Land for all Residents.

Everybody loves the forest preserves, but not all of our residents have access to them.

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County has a policy of 25 acres of land per 1,000 residents. However, for those that live in District 5 West of Rt. 59 and South of the tollway they have less than 3 acres per 1,000. Most of those acres are wetlands. Hardly the place for a family picnic.

The last and best opportunity to change things was the purchase of Country Lakes. This would have provided a destination forest preserve that had the opportunity to provide all of the things you think of having in a preserve. It could have been more than a golf course. There would have been recreation of all sorts. And the opportunity to have a nature center right in the middle of the highest population density in Naperville, if not the entire County. We were only limited by our imagination. Instead, our Commissioner Mary Lou Wehrli dropped the purchase of Country Lakes which ended up costing taxpayers well over $2 million.


Carl Schultz

Forest Preserve Commissioner, District 5

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