Carl Schultz

Carl's Story

     Carl grew up as the 3rd generation to call Naperville home. As a boy, he lived near farm fields and natural areas. This fostered a love of nature that he was always sharing with family and friends. Many a day was spent outside taking in all that nature had to offer. His Mom thought that he was making too much dirty laundry. He just thought he was having fun. 

     When he got to high school, he took a horticulture class and was hooked. It was a practical way to share his passion for nature. After graduating from Naperville Central H.S. he went on to attend the University of Illiniois. There he received a degree in horticulture. He took a job working in the tree care industry, where he honed his skills in tree and shrub care. He saw a need for people to be better informed on what was happening in their yards. So Carl started Horticultural Consultants. His purpose was to help people have better trees, better shrubs and better gardens. His goal was to connect people with nature in their own back yard. Along the way, Carl married his wife Caryn and had two daughters, Mary and Allie.

And then it happened...


     It was announced that DuPage County was going to separate the County Board and the Forest Preserve District. Carl had always thought that the County should have someone on the board with a natural resource background because they also had to make decisions about the forest preserves. Now there was the opportunity for a commissioner with that background.

     So in 2002, Carl ran for Forest Preserve Commissioner and won. 

     Over the next 10 years, Carl added acres of land, restored natural resources, built 6 trails, opened a dog park, and completed the first phase of the Greene Barn restoration. There was even a plan to open a 200+ acre destination preserve.

     Carl has been off of the Commission for 7 years. During that time District 5 has had no new trail segments, educational facilities, or recreational facilities. Greene Barn's Phase 2 has not begun and is not included in the 5 year plan. The Master Plan is spending as much as $20 million on educational and recreational facilities. District 5 is only assured of a 1/4 mile access trail from that plan. Our current Commissioner's yearly compensation will nearly be as much as District 5's facilities budget for the next 5 years! 


    Carl is running for Commissioner again because the Forest Preserves have moved forward, but District 5 was left behind. We have little to show for the last 7 years and little to come in the next5. We need an effective voice on the Commission so that District 5 can catch up. Carl has been that voice in the past. He will do it again.



Achievements and Awards


1. Built 6 trails

2. Added acres of land

3. Led the effort for the award winning                  stream meandering in                            Springbrook Prairie.

4. Opened a Dog Park

5. Completed 1st phase of the Greene Barn

6. Opened the Archery Range

7. Opened Urban Stream Research Center

8. Founded the Friends of the Forest Preserve

    District of DuPage County

9. Added 6 new Illinois Nature Preserves

10. Established best scientific practices as             the standing policy at the District.

Carl Schultz

Forest Preserve Commissioner, District 5

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