Lack of a Voice on the Commission

Updated: Feb 20

We have little to show for the last 7 years and little to come in the next 5. We need an effective voice.

In the last 7 years our Commissioner for District 5 has not been an effective voice on the Commission. There have been no new trails, educational or recreational facilities for us. The handful of acres purchased was dwarfed by the lost opportunity to buy Country Lakes. That cost taxpayers 200+ acres of crucial open space and $2.5 million. Now the $10.7 million set aside to purchase Country Lakes is not being spent in District 5, but throughout the rest of the Forest Preserve District.

We have little to show for the last 7 years and little to come in the next 5. The Commission recently passed a Master Plan that has laid out the District's capital expenditures for the next 5 years. The plan will spend $20 million or more for educational and recreational facilities. District 5 is only assured of a 1/4 mile access trail from the plan. Our Commissioner's yearly compensation will be about as much as District 5's facilities budget over the next 5 years!

The other districts have moved forward. We need an effective voice so that District 5 can catch up.  Carl Schultz has been that effective voice in the past. He will be that voice again.

When Carl was Commissioner, he added dozens of acres of land, built 6 trails, opened a dog park, and restored our natural resources in District 5. Because of the restoration at Springbrook Prairie, it was dedicated as a Illinois Nature Preserve and is winning awards even to this day. He served in leadership roles as District Treasurer, Chairing numerous committees and starting the Friends of the FPDDC that has raised over $1 million in support of the Forest Preserves. Carl has always looked to build a consensus among his peers, accomplishing a lot for District 5 and throughout the rest of the Forest Preserves. District 5 deserves this kind of leadership. We can have it again if we...



Carl Schultz

Forest Preserve Commissioner, District 5

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