Lack of educational and recreational facilities for all.

The difficulty of connecting many District 5 residents with nature in our forest preserves.

Did you know, that about half of District 5's population lives west of Rt. 59 and that the Forest Preserve District offers no educational or recreational facilities at all in that area? This limits the ability of the residents to participate in the vision of the District, in which "...all citizens share a connection with nature...". And It will be difficult to fulfill the District's Strategic purpose of “providing opportunities for people to connect with nature” when half of District 5's population suffers from a severe lack of forest preserve land and has no direct access to the preserve land that is nearby.

For example, the District's fishing guide promotes Poss Lake in Big Woods. It is tucked in behind some trees but there is no signage to identify its location. Thousands drive by it without knowing it is there. The District provides no parking. Anyone going there has to park on a rutted wide spot on the Prairie Path behind a sign that says “No Motor Vehicles”. To leave, you have to back up onto a busy road into oncoming traffic that you can't see because of the trees.

It will be difficult for the Forest Preserve District to fulfill its Vision, Mission, and Purpose statements when our Commissioner will not speak to the issue.


Carl Schultz

Forest Preserve Commissioner, District 5

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